About Tom

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"Tom Noga is brilliant... 

stunning in his portrayal..."

- Gil Benbrook, talkinbroadway.com

"Noga is terrific and endearing as Frog."

- Herbert Paine, broadwayworld.com

"Fans of Westerns will appreciate... the standout character of The Apostle, played with chilling determination by

Tom Noga"- Home Media Magazine

Tom began working in the film and television business some forty-five years ago as a stuntman.  That led him to get parts as an Actor, which is what he has always had a passion for.  He earned a BA in Theatre from Arizona State University and an MA in Education from the University of Phoenix and he has developed an extensive background performing and directing on the stage as well.  Tom is proud to have studied acting with noted film actor and coach Clu Gulager, renowned stage actress and coach Stella Adler, former MGM studio coach Zina Provendie, and at L.A. Actors Lab under the direction of the highly acclaimed Frederick Combs.  


"Wish we had more time with the Apostle who was great."  - The Other View

"The Apostle (Tom Noga)... to see him is to know your death is very near."  - HomeTheatreInfo.com